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Request a Live Performance of the Ready Super Heroes

To further extend the reach of our School Ready program, a traveling children's show featuring our Ready Super Heroes is available at NO COST. Mac Planner, Kit Builder and Stu entertain and educate with a 12-minute performance including an original song at the end.

Due to expenses, the live performance is recommended for large groups of children, such as school-wide assemblies or children's festivals. For individual classroom viewing, we recommend showing the filmed performance on DVD.

To see a preview of the performance, visit our Watch and Listen page.

If you'd like to request the Ready Super Heroes, please complete and submit the following form:

Ready Super Heroes Request Form
Contact Person
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Performance Location
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Suite/Room #
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Performance Date and Time
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Requested Materials (subject to availability) Take-home Booklets
Trading Cards
Please note the Ready Heroes require at least one hour prior to performance time for dress and preparation. Also the performers will need a private room/area for dressing in costumes, preferably close to the stage and/or a restroom.
Set-up Time
Set-up Contact
Room Location

Can materials/costumes be delivered prior to date of performance?



The performance requires an open, flat surface at least 20' wide and 20' deep. Will the performance area be large enough to accommodate this need?



The performance requires a CD player and speaker system. If not available, the heroes can bring one with them. Will an audio system be available in the performance space?



Let us know any additional circumstances or questions you have
After submitting this form, someone will contact you within five business days to discuss your request. This form does not guarantee the Ready Heroes availability or appearance.

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