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The Ready Houston program offers a 90-minute training class called “Neighborhood Ready,” which is facilitated by a member of your community. The course covers topics such as determining if you and your neighbors are ready, understanding what disasters could affect your neighborhood, making a plan, building a kit, knowing your neighbors, and staying informed.

Most Neighborhood Ready classes are led by a facilitator from your community at a time convenient to you and your neighbors. That being said, there are also regularly-scheduled Neighborhood Ready classes occurring at various locations in the region. For more information, please contact

The Neighborhood Ready Meeting KitHost a Neighborhood Ready Meeting

To reach as many residents as possible, we are recruiting neighborhood leaders, community organizations and other potential facilitators to help their local communities learn and maintain good preparedness practices. If you are willing to host a neighborhood preparedness meeting and you are located in the greater Houston region, we will send you a meeting kit free of charge.

Taking into account the video presentation and the discussion of various issues with your audience, your presentation should last approximately an hour. The facilitator guide provides tips and suggestions to help make the presentation unique to you and your group. You are encouraged to share any real-world experiences in planning for and responding to emergency situations — and encourage members of the group to do the same.

Each kit contains a number of items to help you effectively conduct your training session, including:

  • A facilitator guide
  • A DVD featuring Ready Houston videos about disaster preparedness
  • 20 discussion guides
  • 20 notepads
  • 20 pens
  • 20 safety lights

After conducting the meeting, we ask that you please complete and send back the included postcard. Your feedback will allow us to know who we have reached and help us improve the program. Thanks in advance for getting actively involved in securing your neighborhood.

Please complete the form below and allow up to two weeks for your kit to arrive. For more information, or questions, please email our office.

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Neighborhood Ready Participant Guide

A workbook to be used by Neighborhood Ready participants. Workbook contains templates and guidance for making a plan, building a kit, staying informed, and knowing your neighbors.
English version (697KB).



Are You Ready? Video

The Neighborhood Ready program uses the Are You Ready? 15-minute video to accompany the participant guide.