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In order to encourage Houston-area residents to prepare themselves, their families, and their communities, instructional videos have been developed to help educate and empower everyone to prepare for and respond to all kinds of emergencies. A 2-disc DVD set is available with English videos on one disc, and Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese versions on the other disc.

This DVD contains copies of most of the videos featured on this website. If you would prefer to watch any of our videos online, you may do so using the links on our Videos and Resources page.

To request your free copy of the DVD, or multiple copies, please complete the form below. Items marked with a (*) are required. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.



Neighborhood Ready Participant Guide

A workbook to be used by Neighborhood Ready participants. Workbook contains templates and guidance for making a plan, building a kit, staying informed, and knowing your neighbors.
English version (697KB).



Are You Ready? Video

The Neighborhood Ready program uses the Are You Ready? 15-minute video to accompany the participant guide.